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I'm an avid computer modder and food enthusiast with a passion for photography.

I started building and subsequently modding PCs in 2011, having already had an interest in the area since I was a toddler.  My first break, however, came in 2013 when my 'Project Vesper' placed first in the PC enthusiast website Bit-Tech's competition to design and build a case for the Intel NUC platform.  Vesper would later go on to be nominated for Mod of the Year and be featured heavily in Intel's #3DNext social media push.

My next project, Loramentum, proved to be a real turning point for my work.  The project made use of an innovative, cnc-machined chassis that incorporated the cooling mechanism that greatly pushed my understanding of CAD work and 3D rendering.  It later went on to win Mod of the Month on Bit-Tech, and Linus Tech Tips, also scooping up a nomination for Mod of the Year on Bit-Tech.  Loramentum ultimately helped to forge my working friendship with fellow UK based case manufacturer Parvum Systems.

Photography is a key link between most of my interests.  I'm a keen home chef and love to share my findings and recipes with friends, family and various food forums online.  I love using photography as a means to convey the feel of a location or creation.  There's simply so much scope for creativity and individuality.

When I'm not cooking, cutting metal or out taking photos, I love to sit back and watch a good film or play some pinball with friends over a coffee.