In early 2016 I was invited to take part in Thermaltake's first UK Modding Trophy contest.  I and 4 other experienced PC modders were asked to modify a Thermaltake Core X31 chassis in any way we saw fit within the given time frame, the theme was to showcase watercooling within the chassis.

I chose to modify the case extensively.  The interior was stripped out and replaced with a custom CNC machined manifold that incorporated all the major elements of the build.  The coolant appears to float thanks to the transparent block and side panels, which I think provides the build a unique look.  I reduced the width of the chassis itself by 40%, and replaced all the panels with ones cut from 2-3mm aluminium, alternating between brushed and silver painted finishes.  The side panels were replaced with thick acrylic so that the interior could be very visible.  The build features full RGB lighting that's controllable from the desktop.

Exsectus went on to place first in the competition.

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